Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have been absent for a while, due to having a new puppy. Its kinda difficult to write a blog while caring for a puppy before and after cooking. if i take my eyes off him too long he decides to eat my furniture etc....
I will be posting some awesome recipes i have mastered over the holidays as soon as possible.
Hope you all are well... :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

History of Macaroni and Cheese

The macaroni and cheese dish dates back to Medieval Italy and sometime around the 14th century English history. This seems totally awesome to me. It was originally known as Makerouns and was originally a cheese casserole dish. It was an upper class dish in the 18th century.

The recipe started out as butter and cheese mix on top of fresh homemade pasta.

Even Thomas Jefferson served it at a White House dinner...

Nowadays people use it as a "fill-in" dish. It can be made from scratch or pre-made boxes that come in powder form or a package of cheese sauce.

People from all different walks of life eat Macaroni and cheese, because it is YUMMY!!
I love mac n chz. it is the first thing I ever learned to cook.


(info thanks to wikipedia and NPR)

Terrrrrrrrrrrrriifffffffiicccccc Turkey!

So, my turkey turned out awesome. 4 hours of cooking 1 hour of shredding and I had a wonderful homemade Thanksgiving dinner almost a week before Thanksgiving. With the leftovers I made Buffalo Turkey Mac n Chz. I used by buffalo chicken mac n chz recipe and just substituted turkey in the recipe. It turned out pretty well. I also froze some leftovers so my sis could actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving, because my grandma doesn't cook turkey.

Bon Appetit!

more recipes to come...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

BUSY BUSY BUSY, but now TURKEY time is here!!!

I have been cooking lately, but with minimal time to actually post anything. School is kicking my ass as finals come charging at me, it seems as thought the semester had just started.

Today I will be roasting a turkey.
I went to Publix super early (8am, which is early for a Saturday) and got what I needed to make the turkey, but Idiot me forgot the garlic. I plan on putting crushed garlic heads in the turkey as a type of stuffing and then possibly injecting garlic butter into the 11 pound bird.

we'll see how this ends up.........

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Deep Fried Ribeye Steak Bites

I will always say that everything can be fried and it makes everything delicious!
I really like steak and I really like fried food, why not combine the two?!?!
Well I just happened to do just that!
I bought thin sliced ribeyes from publix grocery store, sliced them up into strips. Ribeyes are best used for this because of their marbling and flavor. I also made a garlic and butter sauce to dip the pieces into.
(2 tbsp of butter, tsp of powdered garlic and a pinch of sea salt)
Instead of milk, I used beer and Worcestershire sauce mixed in with the egg dipping.

Just look how yummy this is!

Heres the recipe!
-all purpose flour and seasoning salt
-2 eggs
-1/3 cup of milk

Rinse steak
Roll in flour, coat all sides, then dip in egg mixture, then back into the flour.
Place in deep fryer. Or skillet with enough oil to cover the steak.
Fry until golden brown.

You can use beer, steak sauce, or Worcestershire sauce with the eggs for different flavor.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tweaking recipes, my own kind of art...

When I cook a recipe, like the buffalo mac n chz, I cook it a few times so I can perfect it and add my own twist to the recipe. It adds a little spice to life.
I love it when a recipe comes together, its like a master's work of art when something comes out the way its supposed to.
Cooking is just so much fun and I like it when friends come over and can enjoy the totally yummy food.
Evidently I am doing something right, because they keep coming back for more and more.

I hope that everyone can eventually enjoy my culinary skills :)

Bon Appetit!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angel Food Cake

So I tried to make Angel Food Cake from scratch.... total disaster!!!
They never fluffed up, and all the egg white settled on the bottom.
Totally lame.
I personally think that everyone should just stick to the easy box method.....three key words:

I made cupcakes outta the mix. They were yummy :)